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The most comfortable keypad for the gaming and esports industry.


The only keypad built in a true curve.

The most comfortable keypad for the gaming and esports industry.


The only keypad built in a true curve.

The most comfortable keypad for the gaming and esports industry.


The only keypad built in a true curve.

Ergonomics & Comfort

A truly curved keypad… not just a contour on the keycaps. Engineering curves is always more difficult than flat surfaces, ergonomics are not compromised.

Designed with natural hand contour in mind to enable you to game comfortably.  Keeps the keys right at your fingertips… and allows you to engage them head-on at 90 degrees.

Keys are right where you need them to improve speed and reaction time in game play.

Low profile Cherry switches are 35% lower for an enhanced ergonomic feel.

Mechanical Switches

CHERRY MX Low Profile RGB Speed is the fastest switch offered by Cherry.

High-Quality, Low-Profile, Linear, Cherry Switches allow you to focus on the game.

(Linear switching; 45 cN operating force; 1.0 mm pre travel; 3.2 mm total travel; No click)

With a dedicated line from each key switch to the 32bit processor, you have the absolute minimum delay in your game play.

Fully Customizable LED Color Enhanced by Custom Keycaps

Use one of the preprogrammed lighting effects or create your own.

16.7 million colors available to choose from on a color wheel or input a specific hex color code.

Full Motion Analog Thumbstick

Smoothly transition between directions with a full range of motion in the thumbstick.

26 Programmable Keys

Never run out of a place to put that extra ability… there are 26 actual keys in addition to the analog thumbstick.

Create Your Own Macros

Write your own custom macros and bind them to any key.

Option to include programmable time delays within each macro

Multiple Mode Profiles

Save up to 8 of your game profiles and easily toggle between different games’ key layouts.

Program your profile at home and take the SideQuest, with the stored modes, with you wherever you game.


Hardware Specs

Keys: 26

Switch Type: CHERRY MX Low Profile RGB Speed

Thumbstick: Analog

On-Board Swappable Modes: 8

Processor: 32 bit ARM Cortex

Dimensions: Approx. 18.5cm x 21.5cm x 4cm

Software Requirements

  • Windows 10 or 11
  • MacOS 10, 11 or 12
  • Support for the Mac M1 Processor
  • Firmware Update Capabilities

Who We Are

We are gamers just like you.  However, since we can’t all be professional esports athletes, we also have careers outside the game industry to pay the bills.  Matt has worked for almost 20 years as a computer engineer in various industries.  He designed electronics for military aircraft, so rest assured that your Sidequest keypad will function correctly with quality electronics.  He also is a gamer, so the ergonomic design of the Sidequest has been fine-tuned for the most natural hand position.  Leslie’s background is in finance, so she’ll keep the Sidequest Kickstarter campaign on the road to successful fulfillment.   

Matt has wanted to create a comfortable side gaming keypad for a few years.  When events unfolded in Spring of 2020, we had spare time to start developing the first protypes.  A 3D printer and several spools of filament later we developed a comfortable key layout on a contoured hand design.  The electronic PCB layout and internal brains were the easy part for Matt.  Did you know that just because you can 3D print something it doesn’t make it mass producible?   We’ve learned a lot about the injection molding process and feel like we are ready to bring the Sidequest to market.

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