SideQuest is getting close to its late-January/Early February launch. We have received a lot of questions about early access sales, so it’s important to clarify that the initial launch is a soft release. Quantities will be limited at first and one feature is still being developed: macros.

We hope to have macros up and running as soon as possible; the timing depends on the sales and support of our community. Read on to see more common questions we’ve been receiving.


What Features Will Be Available for Early Access?


  1. Fully customizable LED color-enhanced keycaps. Users can create their own lighting effects.
  2. 26 programmable keys with backlit keycaps.
  3. Onboard profile storage: 7 profiles you can store on SideQuest. Unlimited storage will be offered with the app on PC/MAC.
  4. Full-motion analog thumbstick.
  5. Comfortable shape with natural hand contour.
  6. Full compatibility with PC, MAC, Xbox, PlayStation.
  7. Mechanical switches created by Cherry MX Low Profile RGB Speed (the fastest switch offered by Cherry). These are the specs:
  • Linear switching
  • 45 cN operating force
  • 1.0 mm pre-travel
  • 3.2 mm total travel
  • No click
  • With a dedicated line from each key switch to the 32-bit processor, gamers have the absolute minimum delay in their gameplay (7ms response time)


Why Do I Need SideQuest?


This interactive image directs readers to the promotional video of SideQuest on YouTube. Click the photo to watch the video.


Left-hand gaming keypads belong to a niche market. With few reliable keypads to choose from, and many being discontinued, there’s a strong demand for something new and reliable. SideQuest fills the gap while offering competitive advantages compared to traditional keyboards.


How Was SideQuest Developed?


SideQuest was created with user feedback in mind. Prototypes were distributed to testers in the United States and the United Kingdom to generate ideas for areas of improvement. We encouraged testers to express their opinions so we could create something gamers truly want. Here are a couple of YouTube reviews from the days of prototype testing:

  1. Gamer Heaven Review
  2. CTA Tech Desk Review

How Much Will SideQuest Cost?


SideQuest will sell for $289.00.


What Type of Full-Motion Analog Joystick is Paired with SideQuest?


The joystick is a THB001P. In the future, there may be plans to design our own joystick that uses magnets instead of potentiometers.


Will SideQuest Ship Internationally?


International shipping will be available after the first round of gaming keypads (85 total) are sold. The first round will only be available for purchase in the United States.


What Material is SideQuest Created with?


The shell of the keyboard is black polycarbonate, with possible future color choices. The Keys are translucent white polycarbonate. The palm rest and joystick cap are TPE (thermo-plastic elastomer) for grip.


What is the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Made of?


The PCB is made of a flexible material to accommodate the patent-pending curved keypad design. The keys are hot-swappable through the use of high-end Mill-Max receptacles which are part of the PCB assembly.


Does the analog thumbstick emulate a controller? For example, can I use it to walk slowly in games that support mouse and controller input at the same time (or for speed in racing games)?


The current software does not support this feature, but the hardware does. We plan on adding it after the launch.


How Do I Set Up SideQuest?


Getting used to a new gaming keypad can be a daunting task, but the good news is we have resources that can make the process smooth and easy. Here are a couple of tutorial videos to help you cruise through your setup:

  1. Dunwyvern quick start guide
  2. How to use profiles


How Do I Use a Left-Hand Gaming Keypad if I am Right Handed?


One of the biggest misconceptions about left-hand keypads is thinking they won’t work for a right-hand user. That’s not true because right-hand gamers are already using their left hands to control their keyboards. The nice thing about left-hand gaming keypads is the versatility to add them as an extension to a keyboard.

This allows users to position their keypad on the opposite side of their mouse. The benefit is having the ability to stay centered without awkwardly repositioning their main keyboard. Keypads have the flexibility to be mixed and matched. It all depends on play style and preference.


What is Dunwyvern Gaming?


Dunwyvern Gaming is a start-up built by gamers for gamers. Our goal is to launch the company into the world of peripheral gaming through the introduction of the company’s first PC keypad, SideQuest. Over the past year, we have been working with gaming professionals to fine-tune our prototypes to create a keypad that fills the gap where others fall short.

We’re still in the early stages of the company, so we encourage you to continue growing with us by helping us understand what gamers truly want. Scroll to the bottom of this blog to follow our social media accounts and participate in the discussion. You may also join our email list by reaching out to


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