SideQuest grew from an idea to a prototype in the spring of 2020. With a 3D printer and several filament spools, an engineer named Matt created a comfortable key layout on a contoured hand design.

The electronic PCB layout and internal brains were easy, but the next steps involved fine-tuning. Why? Just because you can 3D print something doesn’t make it mass-producible.

Many keypads from the early era of PC gaming became outdated or discontinued. The team at Dunwyvern saw an opportunity to create a functioning keypad and allow gamers to request alterations before mass-producing a final product. Simply put, we wanted customers to ask so we could answer.


YouTuber Feedback Helped Improve SideQuest Beta Models


Prototypes of SideQuest were sent to beta testers in the United States and the United Kingdom. We encouraged users to express their opinions and use SideQuest for a variety of applications. Here are a couple of YouTube reviews that helped fine-tune a finished product:


1. Gamer Heaven


2. CTA Tech Desk


Defining Left-Hand Gaming Keypads


Left-hand keypads like SideQuest have a contoured shape that matches the hand of the most discerning gamer. The cutting edge lies in the design. Many left-handed keypads have a limited number of keys, ensuring gaming commands are readily available without slow and unnecessary hand movements. Keypads are also separated from a player’s main keyboard, allowing users to position their keypad on the opposite side of their mouse. Having the convenience lets players to stay centered without awkwardly repositioning their main keyboard.

One of the biggest misconceptions about left-hand keypads is thinking they won’t work for a right-hand gamer. That’s not true because right-hand gamers are already using their left hands to control their gaming keyboards. So, why wouldn’t using a left-handed keypad work as well? Designed for comfort and flexibility, SideQuest fills the gap for both hands.


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