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First, Understand the Need for Peripheral Hardware


In the world of competitive gaming, every millisecond counts. Gamers use peripheral hardware like gaming mice, keyboards, headsets, and monitors to gain the upper hand against their foe. But, within the branch of gaming keyboards is a sub-category of controllers, left-hand keypads.

These nifty, hand-sized devices are essential for gaming because they condense a gamer’s control area, allowing them easy access to their most important key functions. The purpose? Shaving off milliseconds to strike the opponent first. 

So, for someone who values speed and agility, having a keyboard or keypad can make all the difference when it comes to timing and maneuverability. However, most if not all, keypads and keyboards are designed for right-hand gamers. Enter the niche market for left-hand gaming keypads. 


Defining Left-Hand Keypads


Left-handed keypads are a sleek alternative or addition to traditional keyboards because the contoured design creates a more comfortable experience for lefties. The main difference lies in the design. Many left-handed keypads have a limited number of keys specifically created to ensure that essential gaming commands are readily available without slow and unnecessary hand movements.

Plus, left-hand keypads are separated from a player’s main keyboard, so users can position their keypad on the opposite side of their mouse. Doing so allows players to stay centered without awkwardly repositioning their main keyboard. The biggest advantage is convenience and timing because it allows the user to comfortably spread out their peripherals.

One of the biggest misconceptions about left-hand keypads is thinking they won’t work for a right-hand gamer. That’s not necessarily true because right-hand gamers are already using their left hands to control their gaming keyboards. So, why wouldn’t using a left-handed keypad work as well? Designed for comfort and flexibility, SideQuest fills the gap.


Features and Benefits of SideQuest


SideQuest is a competitive alternative to traditional keyboards. The left-hand keypad offers 26 programmable keys, a full motion analog thumbstick, mechanical switches, natural hand contour, customizable macros, and backlit keycaps.


Now that you have a basic understanding of left-hand keypads, let’s break down the features and benefits of SideQuest. This left-hand gaming keypad offers 26 programmable keys, a full motion analog thumbstick, mechanical switches, natural hand contour, customizable macros, and backlit keycaps.

1. Contour & Comfort 

SideQuest was designed with natural hand contour, which allows gamers to play comfortably, keeping the buttons right at their fingertips. It also allows them to engage the buttons head-on at 90 degrees. The full-motion analog thumbstick allows users to smoothly transition between directions with a full range of motion.

2. Convenience & Maneuverability 

SideQuest runs smooth for gamers who want to multitask while playing games like World of Warcraft or Overwatch. For example, someone could use their free hand to eat, drink, or use a phone while still being able to cycle through macros and presets with their left hand.

However, it’s important to understand that just because SideQuest has a full-motion analog thumbstick does not mean the need for a mouse is completely eliminated. 

3. Unique gameplay experiences: Left-hand keypads like SideQuest can offer unique gameplay experiences that are not possible with traditional keyboards. For example, a keyboard may have buttons or triggers in different places that allow for new ways to interact with the game.

SideQuest has mechanical switches created by Cherry MX Low Profile RGB Speed (the fastest switch offered by Cherry). These are the specs that make a difference:

  • Linear switching
  • 45 cN operating force
  • 1.0 mm pre-travel
  • 3.2 mm total travel
  • No click 
  • With a dedicated line from each key switch to the 32 bit processor, gamers have the absolute minimum delay in their gameplay (7ms response time)

4. Competitive advantage 

In many cases, left-hand keypads can provide a competitive advantage in certain types of games. For example, a gamer using a left-hand keypad may be able to react faster or perform certain actions more efficiently than someone using a traditional keyboard.

SideQuest can help provide gamers a competitive advantage through customizable macros. All someone has to do is write their own macro and bind them to a key and they’ll be ready to play. With 26 programmable keys, there are plenty of ways gamers can customize their gameplay

5. Aesthetic

The way a controller looks doesn’t normally have an impact on gameplay, but it can still make all the difference when showing it off to your friends. That’s why SideQuest has fully customizable LED color enhanced keycaps. Users can play with one of the preprogrammed lighting effects or create their own version.




Left-hand gaming keypads belong to a niche market. But like all PC accessories, having the right tools can make or break the gaming experience. And with few reliable keypads to choose from in the gaming industry, there’s a strong demand for something new and reliable.

SideQuest’s faster response time (7ms) paired with a full-motion analog thumbstick offers a sleek answer for efficiency where other keypads have fallen short. Visit to step up your game.

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