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Keyboards and mice can usually get the job done, but there’s another secret weapon that digital creatives are overlooking. In this article, we’ll explore how gaming keypads can really pack a punch for editing digital content. Especially when using programs like Adobe Photoshop, Audition, Lightroom, and much more.


Dedicated Software Profiles


The layout of this image shows users what a dedicated software profile looks like on a gaming keypad. Dedicated software profiles allow users to assign specific commands, macros, or actions to individual keys on their keypads. Although dedicated software profiles may be used to alternate between different games, they may also be used to switch between varieties of content editing software. For example, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere, etc...

The layout of this image shows users what a dedicated software profile looks like on SideQuest, a gaming keypad by Dunwyvern Gaming.


Dedicated software profiles refer to customized settings users can create and save for specific games or applications. These profiles allow users to assign specific commands, macros, or actions to individual keys on their keypads.

For example, in a first-person shooter game, a player could assign different weapons or abilities to specific keys for quick access during gameplay. In a strategy game, players may assign shortcuts for building units or executing complex maneuvers.

The purpose of having dedicated profiles for different games is the ability to easily switch between them without the hassle of memorizing complex keyboard shortcuts for each game. It’s like having a folder of shortcuts for each application. So, how does this benefit content creators? For creatives who use a variety of tools like Adobe Creative Cloud, Pro Tools, or Final Cut Pro, this feature has the potential to save a ton of time.

Users could set up profiles for each program, customizing the keypad’s buttons and functions specifically for their needs in that software. When they switch between applications, their keypad instantly adapts to the corresponding profile, saving them time and frustration.


Comfortable Editing


The long-term comfort of a keypad is a competitive advantage for creators looking to upgrade their workflow. Why? Keypads often have a relaxed, molded shape, allowing users to rest their hands comfortably while editing for long periods.

In comparison, traditional keyboards are often flatter in shape, which can lead to cramping and delayed keystrokes. With all the same functions but fewer keys to work with, keypads are like arched insoles for hard-working hands. The contoured design is crucial for creators who need to spend long hours grinding through content editing programs.


Customizable Buttons


Arguably, one of the most important features of a keypad is its customizable buttons. Most, if not all, come with programmable keys, allowing users to assign specific functions, shortcuts, or macros to each button. This is where convenience meets efficiency for content creators. How?

Users can set up their keys to execute frequently used commands in their creative software, significantly reducing the need to memorize numerous keyboard shortcuts. For example, a video editor can assign buttons to cut, copy, paste, and export, while a music producer can create macros for audio processing tasks. This type of customization can significantly speed up your workflow and make your creative process more efficient.




Content creation demands accuracy, whether you’re selecting pixels in Photoshop or editing audio waveforms in a digital audio workstation. Keypads often feature high-quality mechanical or membrane keys that provide a tactile and responsive feel.

This can enhance your accuracy and reduce the chances of making errors during your work. Additionally, many gaming keypads offer adjustable key actuation, allowing you to fine-tune the sensitivity of the keys to suit your preferences.


Unique Aesthetics


The aesthetic appeal of a gaming keypad might not be the primary reason for content creators to use one, but it can be a bonus. Many gaming keypads feature customizable RGB lighting, which can add a touch of style to your workspace.

You can also match the lighting to your overall setup or use it to color-code specific functions or profiles. The visually appealing nature of gaming keypads can create an inspiring and fun environment.


Grab-and-Go Portability


Gaming keypads are often compact and lightweight, making them easy to grab and go. Content creators who work on the road can benefit from this aspect, allowing them to carry their keypads to different locations and maintain a consistent and efficient workflow, whether they’re at home, in a coffee shop, or at a client’s office.


In Summary: Gaming Keypads Easily Answer Content Creator Needs


No matter what brand you consider, gaming keypads have a home in your work setup. They offer content creators a powerful combination of customization, comfort, and portability, making them indispensable tools for enhancing productivity and creativity.


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